This is us.

Our Goal, Our Mission, Our Passion

Our Goal -  Create a cozy, relaxing, inviting and fun place to enjoy good music, good coffee and good friends. Come alone, and meet some new friends, bring a group and become part of the family. We're building a music community.

Our Mission - Live our goal everyday.

Our Passion - Music, Coffee and Friendship


LP Records (AKA Vinyl)


LP's have been a format that never went out of fashion with our owner. He continued to buy LP's even through the 1990's and early 2000's, when CD was the dominate music format. LPC stocks new re-issue and new artists as well as Pre-Owned LP's, so you never know what gems we'll have for you. We're also happy to have a look at any collection you wish to sell. Get in touch with us.

The Café


We serve one of the best Italian coffee you'll ever have. Musetti, a family with over 80 years in the coffee industry. The blend is Paradiso (Paradise), and that's what it is. Rich, bold, not bitter in any way, well rounded, smooth and lower in caffeine. It's like having an espresso at a little cafe outside of the colosseum in Rome.  ;-)


We have a purpose build live performance space with all the necessities for our live performances. So many times, you see performers jammed in a corner or just in the way of everything. It's an afterthought at many places. LPC makes sure that entertainment is just that - entertaining. An eclectic mix of live music is what we strive to provide. 

Have a look at NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts to get an idea of our entertainment styles and volume.